Characteristic peculiarities of Lycopodium

During the paroxysm of the pains she is obliged to walk about and to weep ; she is unable to remain quiet.

Her ailments increase in the afternoon at four o’clock ; but at eight o’clock in the evening she feels better, with the exception of her weakness.

He feels better in the open air than in a room.

  • Salma Nadeem

    Yes i agree Gajanan Ule

  • DrJagadeesh Chittikanna

    Right remedy for right sided symptoms……

  • Ruby Yasmin

    All complains of right sides

  • Ruby Yasmin

    Its a right sided medicen

  • Muneba Arshad

    This medicine is anti psoric anti syphlitic and anti sychotic remedy its right sided remedy

  • DhaneshJayasimhan

    Lycopodium is one of the best medicine for all kinds of diseases and suited to all ages.The patient is extremely hot outside and very cold (chilly) inside. This alone can lead to Lycopodium. Thirst is similar to Puls ,the only difference is thirst for hot water,and only. It also belong to Tubercular diathesis. The starting trouble while beginning to speak is also its characteristic

  • Min Gyi

    ok likr this 4to 8Pm

  • Gajanan Ule

    This modality has helped me several times in selecting lycop

  • Quyamuddin Ahmad

    Right. Every complaint of Lycopodium is aggravated from 4pm to 8pm.