Heals broken hearts, broken bones, heals fear.

Sensation as if flying in the sky, with lots of smiles on face and a deep sensation of goodness, calm and happiness.

Good for marriages, kids, old ones it always makes you feel good specially if you are in love with someone. Every body has it on hand and ready to use, all potencies are OK C, M, CM or X.
please share it.
Blessings and Love to all

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Beatriz H Hill
Beatriz is a Homeopath from Guatamela. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge on Materia Medica and the Philosophy of Homeopathy.
  • Aarika Lobin

    True. Hope ppl r listening

  • Macdon Grace

    Greatest of all commandment!

  • Ariful Islam

    I am homeo Dr form Bangladesh

  • DrKeshaw Dubey

    God is the best repaier of all’s not?

  • Hannah Vooght

    Aaw this is beautiful! U0001f49c

  • Pandey Neha Snehil

    Case taking is getting better thru Love…..

  • Pandey Neha Snehil

    Love is grt remedy….yeah obviously

  • Pragya Bharadwaj

    love is the best remedy for care taking of the patients

  • Ganesh Nagare

    But this page is meant only for homeopathy discussion

  • Paul Lawrence

    My love belongs to you Babe.

  • Emma Wright

    Not everyone does though. And after all, love is a “vibrational medicine.”

  • Judy Jenkins

    and its free

  • Ganesh Nagare

    @Admin:- please speak about homeopathy, I know about love

  • Pat Johnson

    Wish there was enough to go round

  • Anushri Wagh

    It’s. Best medicine

  • Sehar Malik

    you can take it with your beautiful nature from every one…. 🙂

  • Hasin Yusuf

    the best remedy of the day ever!!

  • Maria Khan

    Love is the natural remedy which has an amazing power of healing soul.

  • Alicia Gwen Yashcheshen

    I’d order “love” as the remedy ?