Dr. Farrington

I want you not to select PULSATILLA for a loose cough unless you are sure that all the symptoms of the case call for it. It often tightens such a cough without curing it.
Dr. Farrington, M.D

  • Asta Heiskanen

    Then insted Pulsatilla what to take? 10 days cough without relief !

  • Jackie-Ben Bahun

    Cathy Simon Baumgardner I agree. Pulsatilla seems to help her frequently for many things.

  • Cathy Simon Baumgardner

    So. I was just thinking maybe emma was presenting emotionally as pulsatilla, so I was noticing what I read about the remedy as far as it pertains to a cough.

  • Cathy Simon Baumgardner

    Yep, interesting…..I have read too, about pulsatilla, that classically, you use the emotional symptoms as the most reliable indicator of need.

  • Karina Budhrani

    A wet, productive cough where phlegm is easily raised. Tightening the cough would make it worse and harder to release the phlegm.

  • Jackie-Ben Bahun

    Cathy Simon Baumgardner, an interesting tidbit!

  • Sumaira Sarwari

    What is loose cough?

  • Maureen R. Reagan

    The old homeopaths were just superb.