Let the Patient Talk.

Case taking

The Art of Case Taking

The next most important requirement is attentive observation.

If we hope to arrive at the truth we must not only be attentive to what the patient tells us, and to what the nurse or family may impart, but we must observe closely the appearance of the patient himself. Ofttimes the symptom which will lead us to the remedy will be one which we may get by observation.

The way the patient lies, sits, walks, talks, conducts himself generally, the appearance of discharges, the color of the eyes, hair, tongue, skin, etc, all have their place and are of the greatest importance in our record.

Upon your powers of observation will depend not only the first image of your case but also your success in conducting the case after the first prescription has been made.




  1. Without this, you have nothing and will never “get” the case. Be an unprejudiced observer as the Organon calls us to do.


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