A Valuable lesson from Dr. Kent


We can never be good Homeopaths if we think tissue changes as diseases. They are but the RESULTS of disease. We must think from within outward. A cure is not a cure unless it destroys the internal or dynamic CAUSE of disease.

A tumor, if removed, does not cure the patient, because its cause still continues to exist. The soul, which is the most interior of man, cannot be affected by drugs. When the third potency cures, there is something higher in it. No substance permeates the Vital Force when it is coarse enough to be seen. You cannot demonstrate any vital problem by the microscope.

A valuable lesson from Dr. J. T. Kent



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  1. […] I Love Homeopathy sagt: Wir können niemals gute Homöopathen sein, wenn wir glauben, Gewebsveränderungen seien Krankheiten. Sie sind die Ergebnisse von Krankheit. Wir müssen von innen nach außen denken. Eine Heilung ist keine Heilung, wenn sie nicht die innerest oder dynamische Ursache der Krankheit zerstört. […]


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