Dewey W A, Practical Homeopathic treatment. writes
Ledum is a useful remedy in gout as well as in many
articular troubles. great toe is swollen, sore and painful
on stepping, drawing pains worse from warmth, pressure
and from motion. Also gouty nodosities in the joints.
it differs from Bryonia in having a scanty instead of a
profuse effusion, it is perhaps, better adapted to hot
swelling of the hip joint than Bryonia. ALL THE PAINS
of LEDUM TRAVEL UPWARDS. Ledum after abuse of
Colchicum wich is a very astenic remedy, producing great
muscular weakness. Ledum a cold remedy, has
genera chilliness and lack of animal heat.
Ledum general characteristic is rheumatic inflammations
of joints without fever, the pains travel upward, stiffness
in the back as after sitting a long time aggravation by
warmth on bed and by motion.
For hemorrhages of drunkards, red, foamy blood.
Also for sciatic pains mixed with rheumatism, synovitis,
and knee joint pains. Affects left shoulder and right hip-
joint. Ledum for Punctured wounds, mosquito bites,
stabs by punctured stuff producing convulsions, felons
caused by a prick of a needle, bites of small animals
as rats, spiders, dog bites infected.
Black eye from a blow of the fist no remedy equals
Ledum 200th potency.
Also after abuse of alcoholic drinks, pimples on the
forehead, face bloated, awakens with a hot, tensive
swellings of the toe and foot, with tearing, shooting,
grinding pains, cannot bear the least covering or the
warmth of the bed, foot becomes edematous, and yet
the urine is copious and frequently passed. Old nodes,
the sequelae of former attacks become excessively
If a horse picks up a nail, pull it out and give him
a dose of Ledum.
Beatriz H Hill, Medicina Homeopática behhill




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