Acute laryngitis is by far the most frequent disease of the larynx. The majority of common colds either attack or invade the larynx in their course downward from the nose and throat to the bronchial tubes and lungs, often giving rise to a mild form of laryngitis.

The chief causes of acute laryngitis are exposure to cold, excessive and improper use of the voice in public speaking and singing, and smoking. The latter in some cases produces a form of laryngitis with hoarseness and cough which is first acute, then sub-acute, and finally chronic.

Here we discuss remedy resonance that help. Your homeopath will then decide which remedy best fits your similimum.


After exposure to dry cold wind, followed by hoarseness, dry cough and soreness in larynx. Fever and thirst may be present, cough may be croupy.

  • Laxman Rao Nukala

    It gives immediate relief

  • Suvi Jussinniemi

    Saatkin hoitaa Mirja hyttinen mun laryngiitin kun seuraavan kerran taas sairastun