Aconite — After exposure to dry cold wind, followed by hoarseness, dry cough and soreness in larynx. Fever and thirst may be present, cough may be croupy.

  • Jill Björkerydh

    My favorit (y) (y)

  • Sue Blain

    Shooed my cold away with anas barb!

  • DrBharat Joshi

    Sulphur is chronic of Aconite. ….

  • سید جازب علی زیدی


  • Lila Tan

    Every home remedy kit needs this one

  • Jeet Khoker

    Best remedy for swine flu and bird flu. stops pain in few seconds. so be prepared. people who die world wide can be saved by Aconite doses every two hours. i had it so i know first hand. like clock work pain starts after two hours then one needs another dose. after a day or so body immune system takes over and no need for Aconite any more

  • Virginia Murillo

    Love Homeopathy,is the best medicine!!!

  • Sanjeev Batra

    Ammezing medicine aconite all kind of acute diseases , cough , cold , sneezing , fever, headache, anxiety many more

  • Constance McQuoid

    the arnica for the eye

  • Naeem Iqbal

    What about pharangitis?