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L: Left sided complaints,Loquacity,frantic loquacity,an idea turns into a story.

A: All symptoms aggravated by sleep,during and after sleep(sleeps into aggravation and wakes into aggravation).

C: Climacteric disturbanses,Constipation (I am unwell since my menopause,ailments from menopause).

H: Hot flushes,Hypersensitivity to touch,pressure. Haemorrhage: profuse dark,non coagulative.

E: Echymosis or extravasation of blood below skin.

S: Suspicious and jealous.Sensation of a ball or lump in urinary bladder,rectum,abdomen rising up.

I: Insanity of religious type and melancholia.

S: Skin cold and clammy or hot perspiration,bluish,purplish appearance,with very painful ulcers,carbuncles etc.

IMPORTANT:The absence of aggravation modality with regard to SLEEP,however does not contraindicate LACHESIS,if other PQRS symptoms point to lachesis on repertorisation.

Vydyanath Subramaniam




  1. Google put a virus in this side
    If people know how homoeopathy helps, many pharmacology companies make lost

  2. What’s is a good alternative to prednisone, I suffer from chronic inflamation. I take and use tummeric w/black pepper, ACV. I stopped chili pepper after several months gave up and currently in a three day TX w prednisone but I know that e side effects. Just tired of being constantly in pain.

  3. A very intriguing interesting and complex remedy. There Are many legendary titles attributed to Lachesis. I had a woman come into my clinic twisted with rheumatoid arthritis. As the remedy played through the old tapes she developed sx she had when she was eight. Soon after that she lost her bitterness at the hand life gave her and her sx abated.
    Lachesis means silent fate! If anyone doubts that.. A bushmaster can wait patiently to stalk its prey for 24 days
    The almost mythical Bushmaster has been stalked by many hunters …all with the same awe and respect as Constatine Herring displayed. Here is the true picture of Lachesis in full flight with fangs almost like tasks that fold in on on themselves. I don’t know about anyone else but I am fascinated and repulsed at the sheer force and terrifying dynamism of this wonderful shot!!!


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