Characteristic Peculiarities of Lachesis

  • Lachesis appears to act principally on the left side, particularly in °apoplectic paralysis,-sore throat, eruptions and pain in the limbs.
  • Aggravation of the symptoms in damp weather. Exhaustion and weariness from excessively cold or warm weather.
  • Aggravation of that symptoms during rest, amelioration during motion, -except the intense inflammatory “rheumatic pains. Evening-exacerbation.
  • Exacerbation after every sleep, in the day or night. The curative action is disturbed by acids, wine of beer, particularly, however, by emotions, fright, mortification, listening to tales of murder, etc.
  • Typical recurrence of the aggravations. A number of the pains terminate in catarrh.




  1. Repeatation is not advicable unless the intensity of the complaint is more.. in my experience 200 does excellent cures than 10m in lach.. it varies to drugs to drugs like nash’s experiences.. generally, going from 200 to 30, high to low potency is not the true principle in homoeopathy.. but, it depends on physicians experience.. bez, i failed to cure cases with 10m but cured the same cases with 200 (only applicable to lach).. same way ars-alb 200 cures hoarseness of voice when symptom indicated .. but 10m cannot..
    Indeed i use to give high potency .. the above are few of my exception.. same way, i give low potency to otorhoea cures the cases with in a week. If given high potency, it hasten suppuration for years.. same way drosera should be given one or two doses in 30potency nomatter how chronic the condition is.. these are my experiences..

  2. I was mad from 200th, but physically felt better healthier and strong, in a while my complaints has returned, and my doc returned me to 30th

  3. Loquacity, hot patient, delusion of super human power, agg. Sun,summer,during and after sleep, sore throat amel. Solid food (ign)
    weak memory – by hering
    Intellectually keen – modern authors,
    Bluish discoloration of affected part
    200 Th potency cures.. but high potency does not..from my experience..
    Need to improve your points.. Tc

  4. I was ill by cold any quick relief medicine iam in Lahore I take bath at night even in wintet

  5. Lachesis is life saving Medicine if used timely, wisely n symptomatically.


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