KALI salts

Kali Salts

KALI salts are excellent for the complaints of old age as they have an affinity for connective tissue, and old age means a loss of elasticity with stiffness in the joints and wandering pains. Causticum and Kali carb. are sheet anchors for pains of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoporosis.
Dr. Gordon Ross.




  1. Homeopathy remedies are very effective and with no side effect.This is especially very beneficial for cronic health problems. I have tried it and found very useful for me and my family.Use homeo with complete faith and get completly cured.

  2. Which med to be used if patient is 81, dexa shows a reading of 5 for bones, pt has osteoarthritis and osteoporotic due to age. Will Kali carb help? Pt has stiffness too.

  3. Homeopathy is not a effective treatment in independent clinical studies. Keep your money in your pocket and see a proper doctor, friend.

  4. well if placebo effects are that good perhaps we should replace it with drugs. Homeopathy is approved by the FDA. it’s been used for approx. 200 years. Now since more people are discovering how good it is the FDA, at the behest of big Pharma., Is “reviewing” it’s efficacy. See the connection? You have to do your own research, as with any natural healing methods not “approved” by main stream medicine. These natural methods actually heal without dangerous side effect. That means less profits for the pharmaceutical industry, we are talking about BILLIONS of dollars! ! They will not permit a n y t h i n g to stop that flow of money…n o t h i n g !

  5. To Adil…..if placebo is so much effective then what’s d need of taking so much antibiotic!

  6. someone told me that homeopathic doesn’t work and it is not effective…just patient get placebo effect … can anyone tell me is it true or false


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