Kali phos

This being the great nerve salt, it becomes the chief remedy in disturbances of sleep, when due to worry, mental overwork, sorrow, business
troubles, excitement or other nervous causes. Yawning and stretching, somnambulism, restlessness, crying and screaming of children during sleep, frequent dreaming.

Dr. J. H. King reports a case of sleeplessness in a woman. Could not go to sleep at night until 1 or 2 o’clock, and sleep was not refreshing; in the morning, upon arising, felt so “tired;” sleep disturbed by dreams; appetite poor; tongue coated brownish. Kali phos., 3x, a powder night and morning. Did not see the case again for two weeks, at which time she said:

“Oh, Doctor, I sleep so well now! go to sleep as soon as I retire, and wake in the morning feeling refreshed. My appetite is enormous, and all that nervousness is gone.”

  • Jignesh Pandya

    Its old age pt remedy……

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    Tess Tess Scholl Ashley Corey

  • Andrea Strother

    I understand. I am a person that uses vey little conventional medicine’s. This product just seems to be able to alleviate or cure just about everything…

  • Janet Newham

    Won’t be in medical journals bc conventional medicine dismisses anything that does not involve chemical drugs as they jeopardise profits of pharmaceutical ind. However Homeopathy is endorsed by Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier, scientists at Aerospace, Stuttgart, Germany, and used by drs in several countries.

  • Jhon Mathew

    I hv Seborrhoeic dermatitis problems. White flakes on my head skin,chest , moustache, inside of ear. cuts on my nose joints as well as back ear joints.i m using ketoconazole shampoo and ointment. I heared in homeopathy there is permanent cure of skin deases.can experts suggest me any perfect medicines?

  • Andrea Strother

    Where can I find a Medical Journal that supports the effectiveness of this product?

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    Very effective for urinery troubles

  • Arsalan Khan

    • Dr. Schuessler’s great remedy for conditions arising from want of nerve power.
    • The patient is NERVOUS; SENSITIVE, WEAK, AND EASILY FAGGED; by slight causes, like pain, worry, mental fatigue etc.
    – Neurasthenia.
    • Paralysis; infantile; during dentition.
    • Paralytic weakness; or pain, with sensation of paralysis.
    • It is also useful to states of adynamia and decay; gangrenous conditions; suspected malignant tumours.
    • PUTRID, carrion like odour of secretions; foul odour of the body.
    • Secretions are golden yellow.
    • Stitching pains.
    • After operation, when in the healing process the skin is drawn tight over the wound, esp. cancer.
    • Ill effects of mechanical injuries, grief, vexation.
    • Sexual excitement from indulgence or suppression.
    – Irregular, menses, pulse, etc.
    • Little pain.
    • Emaciation; wasting diseases.
    • Septic states and septic fevers.
    • Carbuncles.
    • Haemorrhages.
    • Progressive muscular atrophy.
    • Sea sickness, without nausea

  • DrVivek Kanade

    Excellent remedy in Psychosomatic diseases

  • Mystic Duke

    It is best remedy for giddy. You become active.

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    wnt to know abt addiction medicin pl tel me

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    Best thing is info about the med

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    Also good for hearing.

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    This is a fantastic medicine

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    Hi nice information for every body

  • Kristin Cusamano

    Thank you! What does high mean? And should he only take 1 pellet? Or should I dissolve it in water

  • Rema Sethu

    Would like to know for sleeplessness kaliphos 6x or 3x is better. Thanks.

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    Kali phos also increases bp…isn’t it?

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    Best remedy for
    Mind problam

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    KALI PHOS …. excelent remedy

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    Is it work from left hand which is not workung properly due to injory

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    Very nice remedy

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    phosphorus high 1 dose.

  • Kristin Cusamano

    Remedy for kids who are nervous/scared fearful to sleep alone? Feel more at ease in a room with someone else?

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    My children can no longer hide around a corner and scare the life out of me after I discovered this remedy.