A remedy for loud “stomach-cough” accompanied with white or grayish-white coated tongue.
When the expectoration is thick, milky-white, tenacious phlegm, croupy, hard cough; croup-like hoarseness.

  • Reem Hamzeh

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  • Carolyn Wiseman

    Phosphorus salt means the situation corresponds to the phosphorous state – issues with sociability, friendship, brothers, sisters, hypersensitivity, picking up on sensitivity to others. Or the symptoms correspond to the phosphorous state – thirsty, or perhaps physical symptoms related to this remedy state. Arsenicum means the situation and/or symptoms correspond to the arsenicum state: fussy, worrisome, fearing loss. This salt as a remedy may also help symptoms such as gastric sensitivity. The remedy would aim to cover all the symptoms but depending on the symptoms and the potency given it would be more focused on physical or mental state of the person.

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    Can anyone share information about eletroloids

  • Reem Hamzeh

    I asked him, he told me not to worry about the remedy’s name or information!!!
    Usually I find a lot of information about any remedy I search for on the internet, why not this one?!!!
    Is it a new remedy??

  • Robin Faith

    Ask your homeopath.

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    my favourite remedy of winter

  • Reem Hamzeh

    Our homeopath recommended a remedy for my son with autism. The remedy name is: Arsenicum hypophosphate. I love homeopathy and I like to know everything about each remedy me or my son need to take. I did not find anything about the above remedy on the internet!! Can you please guide me where to find good information about it??

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