Kali bichromicum

Kali bichromicum

What comes to mind when you think of KALI BICHROMICUM?




  1. Post nasal dripping , hawking , strings like secretions.. right sided liver pain ..

  2. Costras de moco Seco que salen con la mano. a veces esas secreciones salen con rasgos de sangre… en un paciente que tomo cerveza y tiene gastritis

  3. Stringy discharge from the nose. The apple polisher. Everything seems to be nice and shiny on the outside, but there’s a deep mental problem. Feels insecure, not good enough.

  4. Post nasal discharge , chronic liver disorder, i found its best result for nasal polips.

  5. Post nasal dropping .sinusitis .heaviness in head due to sinusitis .pin point pains

  6. Hi I’m dr.sanjeev batra bhms from nhmc Delhi kalium bichrome kai bimarion mn kaam aati he lekin sinus mn ye bhot acha kaam karti hespecialy right sinus .

  7. wandering, thumb sized pains; nasal quality of voice due to post nasal drip. Worked well for my daughter for years when she was struck w chronic sore throat

  8. Thick stingy Roby discharge, pointed pains, root of the nose, round deep ulcers and liver


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