Kali bichromicum

Kali bichromicum

What comes to mind when you think of KALI BICHROMICUM?

  • MohammadAli5

    Post nasal dripping , hawking , strings like secretions.. right sided liver pain ..

  • Javier Conde Ponce

    Costras de moco Seco que salen con la mano. a veces esas secreciones salen con rasgos de sangre… en un paciente que tomo cerveza y tiene gastritis

  • Shari Smoker

    Post nasal drip, yellow, thick, stringy mucous!

  • Nimroz Nimroz

    Pain in small spots

  • Max Wilks

    My original teacher Alan Jones

  • Marjon Kroon

    Stringy discharge from the nose. The apple polisher. Everything seems to be nice and shiny on the outside, but there’s a deep mental problem. Feels insecure, not good enough.

  • Lila Tan

    Sinus problems mainly

  • DrAbuzar Mughal

    Post nasal discharge , chronic liver disorder, i found its best result for nasal polips.

  • DrAnjana Rastogi

    Post nasal dropping .sinusitis .heaviness in head due to sinusitis .pin point pains

  • Charanjyot Kaur

    Chronic respiratory n nasal cattarh.

  • Sanjeev Batra

    Hi I’m dr.sanjeev batra bhms from nhmc Delhi kalium bichrome kai bimarion mn kaam aati he lekin sinus mn ye bhot acha kaam karti hespecialy right sinus .

  • Gillian Lisa Jenkins

    Thick stringy snot after a cold that chokes you .

  • Mohammad Owais

    thick mucus discharge

  • Robin Faith

    Sinus’s blocked. thick ropey discharges.

  • Ravi Shankar Dixit

    Anxious family oriented chilly lady…

  • Kartar Singh

    Aggravation by beer.

  • Kartar Singh

    Sensation of a hair at the back of shining tounge.

  • Simone Psaila

    Stringy discharge and every time you swallow you feel it in the throat.

  • Patricia Douer

    Mocos muy elasticos.

  • Drzakir Ali

    Very good site and wonderful mind relax and unwind in made in Germany

  • Wobbley Picklet

    Stringy discharge from nose can hang down to the ground! Great image.

  • Shishir Dhor

    Asma ( 3.00 to morning) with the cough symptom as a long as twist…..etc.

  • James Anthony Baxter

    Pin point pain

  • Syama Prasad

    Right sided pain

  • Pradeep Kumar Vn

    Cirrhosis of liver; Nephritis.
    Tough,stringy,viscid secretions.

  • Betsy K Williams

    wandering, thumb sized pains; nasal quality of voice due to post nasal drip. Worked well for my daughter for years when she was struck w chronic sore throat

  • Nirmala Bhatnagar

    All discharges ropy

  • Ranger Marguerite

    why dont you tell us

  • Venkatesan RK

    Thick stingy Roby discharge, pointed pains, root of the nose, round deep ulcers and liver

  • Marie McLoughlin

    My mum, the remedy which changed her life