A documentary by Lauren Chiten

Just One Drop, the documentary film about homeopathy, will be a game changer in uncovering the real story. We have a golden opportunity here to make a difference.

  • Krystal Lynn

    I believe it! Sad so many people will not reap the benefits of homeopathy because we cannot grasp the concept of one dose or one remedy at a time.

  • Sankar Misra

    The concept of dilution is matching with relativity theory. Homoeopathy gives only energy remedy to the sufferers. – Dr. Misra

  • Dale Latimer

    My friend Bob wants to have a private conversation with someone from as close to where he currently lives as possible (the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania) considerably more personally experienced in homeopathy than he is. Message me for details.

  • Frank Rodrigues

    Anyone know of a good remedy to treat 12 yr old with anxiety, low self esteem (confidence) and reclusive when people are around…

  • Theresa Bates

    What cannot be understood will always be ridiculed by those arrogant people that refuse to accept it works.

  • Sutanu Roy

    Homeopathic concept is eternal

  • lambertjm

    If mre energy and people would be dedicated to homeopathy, much less money would be spent on medical gadgets and costly medecines

  • Cynthia Burton

    Never doubt the power of homeopathy.

  • Claudine Tsintzira

    Laisser le peuple dans l ignorance afin de mieux leur insuffler la peur de la maladie ….. c est triste

  • Valia Sevita

    They are angry until they try it. I have examples around me U0001f60a

  • Oshun Seed

    Where can we see the whole thing?

  • Ismar Pereira Filho

    Long live Homeopathy!

  • Sandra Taylor

    The level of anger among those against has always puzzled me? Even if they choose not to use homoeopathy, why would they be so angry that I do?