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W—, a weakly, pale man of 42 years, who was kept constantly at his desk by business, consulted at his desk by business, consulted me on Dec. 27,1815 ; he had been already five days ill.

1. The first evening, without manifest cause, he became sick and giddy, with much eructation.
2. The following night (about 2 a. m.) sour vomiting.
3. The subsequent nights violent eructation.
4. To-day also severe eructation of fetid odour and sourish taste.
5. He felt as if he food lay crude and undigested in his stomach.
6. His head felt wide, hollow and dark, and as if sensitive internally.
7. Sensitivity to the smallest noise.
8. His disposition is mild, soft, and patient.

Here I may observe :-

To 1. That several medicines cause vertigo with nausea, as does also Pulsatilla (3), which produces its vertigo in the evening also (7), a circumstances that has been observed of very few other medicines.
To 2. Stramonium and Nux vomica cause vomiting of sour and sour-smelling mucus, but as far as is known, not at night. Valerian and Cocculus cause vomiting at night, but not of sour stuff. Iron alone causes vomiting at night (61, 62), and can also cause sour vomiting (66), but not the other symptoms that should be attended to here. Pulsatilla, however, causes not only sour vomiting in the evening (349, 354), and nocturnal vomiting in general (355), but also the other symptoms of this case not found among those of Iron.
To 3. Nocturnal eructations are peculiar to Pulsatilla (297, 298).
To 4. Fetid, putrid (260), and sour eructations (302, 303).
To 5. The sensation of indigestibility of the food in the stomach is produced by few medicines and by none in such a perfect and striking manner as by Pulsatilla (321, 322, 327).
To 6. Besides Ignatia (2), which, however, cannot produce our other symptoms, Pulsatilla (39 compared with 42, 94, 98)
To 7. Pulsatilla produces the same state (997) produces the same state (997), and it also causes over-sensitiveness of other organs of the senses ; for example of the sight (107). And although intolerance of noise is also met with in Nux vomica, Ignatia, and Aconite, yet these medicines are not homeopathic to the other symptoms, and still less do they possess symptom 8, the mild character of the disposition, which as stated in the preface to Pulsatilla, is particularly indicative of this plant.

The patient, therefore, could not be cured by anything more easily, certainly, and permanently than by Pulsatilla, which was homeopathic to the case. It was accordingly given to him immediately ; but, on account of his weakly and exhausted state, only in a very minute dose, i. e., half a drop of the quadrillionth [12th dil.] of a strong drop of Pulsatilla. This was done in the evening.

“The next day he was free from ailments, his digestion was restored ; and a week thereafter, as he informed me, he remained free from complaint and well.”




  1. When the case is presented so clearly, the remedy is so easy to choose. They should all be this way. 🙂


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