case study

Wm. R. Cole, young man of excellent habits, after a few days of feeling dull, weak and sleepy, was suddently taken with nausea, vomiting, and weak, gone feeling at the stomach. The matter vomited was very yellow and very bitter.

In a short time he became very jaundiced. The sclerotic skin, and even the nails were as yellow as gold. The stools were perfectly colorless or gray, while the urine was dark brown like lager beer. In the vessel it colored the ware as yellow as gold. The pulse was very slow, only thirty beats per minute, and very weak and occasionally intermitted.

Digitalis 3D centesimal, in solution, once in three hours cured. A few years after and after his marriage he had a similar attack, though not quite so severe which the same remedy again cured. This was, the last since, now at least ten years.

The case:
1. Very slow ; occasionally intermitting pulse or rapid and frequently intermitting pulse.
2. Weak heart, with faintness or sinking sensation at stomach, feels as if the heart would stop beating if she moved.
3. Blueness of skin, especially eyelids, lips, tongue and nails, cyanosis.
4. Respiration irregular, difficult, sometimes performed with frequent sighs.
5. When going to sleep the breath fades away and seems to be gone, then wakens with a gasp to catch it ; cannot get to sleep on this account. (Grindelia and Lach.)
6. Vertigo in the aged, with very weak, slow pulse.
7. Ashy-gray stools, either formed or watery, with cardiac symptoms.

A case from the clinic of Dr. Nash




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