What comes to mind when you think of Jaborandi?

  • Rajiv Sardana

    How does one use it for hair growth..Mother tincture directly on scalp or mixed with oil. Pl guide…

  • Lokmani Gupta


  • Nirmal Tanwar

    Excess sweating, good for hair.

  • Banu Aydın Kaya

    Mumps, parotitis inf

  • Nick Ng

    energy, energy heal energy. when the remedies getting lighter and lighter then it will becoming signal.

  • Zain Munir

    To grow hairs n for enhance memory

  • Charanjyot Kaur

    Eyes n hair..

  • Sudarshan Panchal

    the other name of jaborandi is Pilocarpus Microphyllus

  • Neena Hussain

    Pls want to know,what is Jaborandi

  • DrAnjana Rastogi

    Good hair tonic

  • Manikanchan Pariari

    Bad smell in sweating and arrest hair falling

  • Punithavathy Ramakrishnan

    Good for hair growth

  • Tara Framer

    Excessive sweating, tinnitus, heart arrhythmia, eye strain.

  • Nonoy Paloma Ybiernas

    pupils of the eyes

  • Sailesh Kurien

    Excessive sweating… Specially on head at night..

  • Neil Downey

    Excess sweating. IBS problems.

  • Venkatesan RK

    Familiar for hair grow but not mentioned in MM..!!!?? ( is a powerful glandular stimulant 🙂 )

  • Sourav Das

    Odour from sweat