IODINE the element
Douglass ME. Pearls in Homeopathy
Diseases: Scrofula, goitre, chronic inflammation of the
larynx, inflammation of the knee joint.
General symptoms tearing pains in limbs, chiefly in the
joints and at night, swelling and induration of glands.
Debility. Special symptoms, beating pains in head with
stupor in the morning. softening of gums, ulcers in mouth
morbid hunger and nausea, violent colic, constipation
alternating with diarrhea, dry cough in the morning with
mucous expectoration, violent palpitation of the heart.
Farrington Clinical Ma.Medica lecture XLVIII
Abuse of Iodine causes absorption, particularly of glandular
structures. so Iodine Poissoness causes emaciation
Mammary glands become atrophied and the ovaries too.
no doubt, with males the testicles suffer in the same manner
and inevitable progressive loss of sexual power. The skin
becomes dark, yellow, and tawny. Excessive appetite,
anxiety and faints if he does not get food. relieved by
eating and yet the emaciates despite the amount of food.
The various combinations of Iodine, in glandular affections
Baryta iodide for tonsillar enlargements. Arsenic Iodide
when accompanied by anemic conditions, Ferrum Iodide
and Calcarea iodide have many times removed glandular
enlargements, engorgements and hypertrophies.
Dewy W.A. Practical Homeopathic Therapeutics
The remedy follows Apis well, especially in scrofulous
children with dropsy of the knee joint.
Cancer of the uterus with profuse hemorrhage. Agg. from
warmth and excessive hunger.
Gentry W. E. Urine and Urinary Organs
Copious and frequent micturition, sometimes involuntary
incontinence of urine in aged, obstinate retention of urine
red and turbid, dark think, ammoniacal, dark yellowish, green
acrid, milky, variegated, rainbow-looking cuticle on surface.
Diabetes with canine hunger,
Bright’s disease of the kidneys, emaciation and debility, with
albuminous urine.
The iodum subject is restless, apprehensive, preoccupied,
anxious anguished, and expects the worst. Impatient
never still, never sits down, must do something all the time.
in consequence is tired. Zelous, literally, over-careful, exigent
intense. Always hot, it is a warm blooded type, wants a cool
place to move. likes light clothing. Despite his hunger and
remaining thin, a characteristic shared by Nat. mur. there
may be bouts of anorexia. has special fondness for meat.
and also for alcohol, thirst may be excessive.
Sweats profuse, smelly, foot sweats are acrid, tends
to interfere with sleep, which is often uneasy or dream
IODINE is also suitable for old people who suffer from
chronic congestive vertigo
Iodine a profound effect in metabolism, evidenced by
extreme weakness, dyspnea on ascending stars, palpitations
pulsations, flushes, sweats, trembling and agitation.
Can act opposite directions excessive hunger or complete
loss of appetite, hyperplasia of tissues or atrophy of the tissue
the element- halogen iodine has hyperactivity and hypoactivity
in body processes.
Beatriz H Hill




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