I often use frequent doses of BELLADONNA 1X to relieve insomnia due to pain caused by RHEUMATISM.
Dr. Cuthbert, M.D

  • Md Imran

    sir very good

  • Basudeva Panda

    Is it the right procedure of Homoeopathy treatment? It is equivalent to Allopathy & the patient will never be cured.

  • Salman Rasheed

    good butt beel is a pioson based use in 3x pot

  • Autumn Knight

    Nothing is ever going to help.

  • DrTushar Chitaliya

    Why doesn’t he go for proper Homoeopathy treatment ???!!!

  • Sibel Spinu

    If you frequently Use Belladona, your pain subside and ten şart again you Use Homeopathy such as Allopathy.

  • Sulaiman Rashid


  • Robin Faith

    1x, hmmm…