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Miss B., school teacher, brunette, age 26, had taught for several years, and was very nervous and worried much about her work.

She asked me to give her something for insomnia. Had taken sulphonal, but feared she would get into the habit of it. She was sleepy more or less in the daytime, and in the evening before going to bed, but as soon as she was in bed the sleepiness vanished, and she would lie awake for hours.
She was not restless, did not twitch or jerk ; the only marked symptom that she had was that her hearing was very acute ; said she could hear every noise within a mile of her – dogs barking, roosters crowing, etc.

I gave her three powders of Opium 30, with instructions to take one when she went to bed at 10 P. M., and the others when she heard the clock strike. She only took me, as she was asleep in a short time after the first dose. She had one or two similar attacks of insomnia afterwards, but Opium 30th always relieved.

A case from the clinic of Dr. Nash

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    There is not one right remedy for a particular issue, in your case, vitiligo. Remedy selection is based on the individual’s expression and the totality of their symptoms. For anything beyond first-aid use, it’s best to visit a classical homeopath. See NASH, CHC, or NCH websites for well-qualified homeopaths in your area. Good luck.

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