Nat SUlph

NATRUM SULPH is Schuessler’s specific for epidemic Influenza where it has given good account of itself, witness Plumb Brown’s case records.
Dr. T. K. Moore




  1. Very much important in case of diarrhoea (standing in the first feet in the morning diarrhoea sets in).this is a very good symptom.

  2. In my opinion every pathy has its limitations, some conditions are well managed by conventional medicine whereas most chronic illness with its acute exaggeration are best tackled by homeopathy still some conditions are better managed by Aurvedic treatment. So I think one who starts a practice as G. P. should know which one is best for a patient and advice him/her accordingly. When this will be a common practice then and then only we will succeed in making a better health care system (ignoring the difference of systems). Aaush may be a first step towards this.

  3. Astma of children alternate with ipecac and occasional doses of Tuja 200, natrum sulf and ipecac in 30 potency. I cured few cases with this combination.

  4. This cell salt literally saved me with a foot problem that was over a year in keeping me from even being able to walk. It was actually edema that was the problem. I have been taking this and within two days the pain was gone, the edema is gone…my digestion is better. Amazing.

  5. Very useful information Presume It is homeopathic preparation and no Bio chemic . Can we use the biochemic preparation in 6 X potency along with other homeopathy remedies as complimentary remedy for treating fevers?


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