Infantile Eczema

infantile eczema

Dr. Leon Renard

LYCOPODIUM is a master remedy in Infantile Eczema.

  • Carol Fuller

    we always keep this on hand. …………

  • Vijay Kaushal

    A tonic for the whole body.

  • Chris Brancewicz

    and if the remedy is not strong enough, simply dilute it 10 more times!

  • Val Noble

    It really is important that ghe remedy matches the person not just the symptoms. See a quailified homeopath for correct prescription.

  • Natalie Batt

    My son’s was cleared up with sulphur. It really depends on what your individual constitutional remedy is

  • Devarajan Chandrashekhara Nair

    Acid nitricum alter with Asafetida in 30 the potency twice a day for 07 days OR depending upon the deepseatness of the problem

  • Partha Pratim Chakraborty

    heaha …. how strainge !! ..
    how you guyz refer only the medicine ? the actual key is the potency/power .
    i mean if i don’t know the exact power of the medicine can do good for the problem then the apply of the medicine is just useless.

  • Anju Khare

    What can be taken to relieve acidity

  • Robin Faith

    Which repertories are yu using because this is a well known rubric.

  • Robin Faith

    Do NOT try this on your own please. See a Certified Classical Homeopath in your area to get a correct prescription. Treating skin issues is best left to professional practitioners. You can cause a worsening of skin issues without help.

  • Devarajan Chandrashekhara Nair

    Ars.Bromatum is the best proven remedy with my small experience as a Homoeopathist for over 50 yrs.

  • DrRamesh Shah

    If the characteristics of Lycopodium match with the patient’s symptoms age is no bar. Lycopodium is a powerful antipsoric hence its action on skin diseases is marked.

  • Raman Dhaliwal

    Thanx …….repertories generally show Medorrhinum only !!

  • Marjorie Morey

    Good for bloating, and gas.

  • Sara Kraft-Leavitt

    I need this

  • Diane Olson Dowd

    What about adult eczema?