All gastric disturbances, when there are acid symptoms, acid risings, sour taste in the mouth, belching of wind, tasting acid, “heart-burn.”
Stomachache, from acidity or worms; ulceration of the stomach; pain in stomach after eating, with acid risings.
Tongue symptom: thin, moist, creamy-yellow coating on the back part of the tongue, tonsils and palate.

  • Dinesh Vaishnav

    Please suggest a treatment of varicose alsar and varicose i surfing aprox 5 years. Thank you

  • Sudipta Sarkar

    I always keep it by my pillow….it works wonders U0001f44d

  • Renee West

    Matthew O. Kinsel this is the remedy for you!!

  • Mohammed Zahid

    What for gas expulsion………

  • Laura Laura

    For helicobacter it’s ok?

  • Clare Considine

    Very helpful (y)