Let world know why you love Homeopathy so much!
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  • Linda Ness

    Natural products so much better for than all the things coming out for u to use, safer also, and better for animals too use natural things

  • Cathy Utgaard

    Having used it for years – it simply works!

  • Rattan Kapoor

    Because of no side effects nd cure the disease permanently

  • Bhat Javaid

    i like homeopathy. because it really works.and without side effect

  • Daniel Kanara

    It works for me loved it

  • DrYounas Malik Gujjar

    Because of its amazing results.
    My mom had a tumour in uterus. Which was diagnosed by ultrasound. This tumour was born along with me. Without any operation 50 years before. It was the result of homoeopathic medicine.

  • Gautam Ganguly

    Treating some one by Homeopathy for cure is good to cheat some other by Homeopathy Is cruelty.

  • Yasmina Abrahams

    All my ailments I treated with homeopathic medication helped tremendously….

  • Noor Habib

    I love homoeopathy because it’s really effective in all kinds of disease without any sidefect

  • Lila Tan

    I can keep my own medicine kit at home to treat my family immediately when needed, and i know it is safe

  • Prem Singh

    सबसे सस्ती व् कारगर पैथी है।

  • Sylvia Mitchell

    Arnica always fixed pain from a fall

  • DrMadhuri Rao

    based on true pricpls,no side effects if any it vll nt harm ur bdy,long run gud actions of remedy,perfect cure,anti-maismatic remedy vll cure u in inumerable way with one simple dose.. n yup d globules r nt at all bitter..! i jus

  • Vivek Chopra

    Jai ram ji ki………my mother age 64 year unki problem jo sugar. blood prashant.thired.or kindly problem critnen.blog urea bard raha hai kripa karke hame koi bast ilaj batao g

  • Sailesh Kurien

    The blessings u get when u cure an ailment or reduce the suffering of an incurable terminal disease.. Boy…. the feeling is indescribable… Absolute high..
    Pray God Blesses me always with my almost 100% success rate…!!!!

  • Pankaj Saha

    It follows the law of nature.

  • Geeta Rajendra

    It has upgraded my physical and mental health by curing every sickness and making me a healthy human.
    I would say it is amrit on earth.May every human on earth enjoy this amrit.God bless..

  • Annette Carlson

    I love it because it is medicine that works.

  • Zambri Ahmad

    Because it safe medicine in the world

  • Anamika Shahi

    One drop medicine ki kimat tum kya jano.

  • Shahid Perwaiz

    Cheap and effective medicine if properly diagonised and treated.

  • Jesus Borrego

    I love homeopathy because it’s really affective especially mental points.

  • Anuj Kr

    It gives a way to remove the disease from root. Not a temporary solution but talks about permanent solutions.

  • Katja Dettling

    These are all my own pictures!!

  • Katja Dettling

    Thuja but the miracle is ONLY ONE DOSE!!! 5 Globuli D30 then wait and when it doesn’t works more, I give again ONLY ONE DOSE D30.
    Some dogs, who get thuja in an other potency then D30 didn’t show any healing symptoms.
    I used the D30 for six dogs wirh the same dose and resultate.
    When you like, I can post some pictures about the healing.
    First I was shocked, because the histiozytom gets bleeding very much, but my dog doesn’t feel bad with the bleeding and so I let it without an other remedy and didn’t do something about this bleeding. Then the histiozytom was smaler, after some days with absolut no reaction, I give the second and last dose. The other dogs with a smaller histiozytom used only one dose.

  • Sheila Nicholson

    What remedy did you use please ?

  • Katja Dettling

    Because it works, when we take the right remedy. It was a histiozytom at the face of my dog, I cured it complete with homeopathy. 🙂 it works

  • Jagminder Chopra

    It does nt much cost full result no side effect

  • Nirmala Bhatnagar

    It works well.if start in the begningof ailment works too fast

  • Jeet Khoker

    Because it works most of the times. if it misses try next remedy