Chronic of

What is the Chronic of Ignatia?




  1. Thank you Nancy and Binod for your replies. I will try the remedies you suggested. My dogs have enjoyed a 90% raw diet – no grains for years but unfortunately still have the occasional health problem but in principal they’re really healthy – so thank you for your suggestions. I’m going to start today 🙂

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  3. You are Invited to join the Group ” FREE HOMOEOPATHIC ADVICE by Binod Kumar “.

  4. Alumina is the chronic of ignatia
    Ignatia itself is the chronic of Nat. mure

  5. I’ve noticed that Ignatia is also very good for ADD, ODD, ADHD and OCD. I hadn’t realized that a person can have such a deep layer of Ignatia that it amounts almost to a chronic layer. Nowadays with so much scary news keeping us on edge all the time, I’m sure we’ll be seeing much more of this.

  6. May be her food. Try a grain free, no corn or other fillers. Make sure first ingredients are a meat protein, not a by-product, meal or Orijen / Acana or Fromm have worked the best for my dogs. Remedy wise, try Silicea or hepar s., also Pulsatilla. Hope this helps. Can just place remedy in their water source – either ceramic, glass or plastic – not metal bowls.

  7. Does Ignatia allow the individual to enjoy life afterwards? If it does, then it has been a well chosen remedy. But if, as Kent says, the condition occurs again and again and threatens to become chronic, then Natrum mur, the so-called chronic of Ignatia will often finish the cure

  8. The other day you wrote of Euphrasia for pink eye. I have a dog whose eyes weep daily, this then hardens into a dark crust at the inner corner of her eye. Her eyes also appear to have a milky appearance and have done for years. Can you recommend a remedy?

  9. Nat mur. The chronic of Nat mur is Causticum, which is also the chronic of Staphysagria.

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