Chronic of

What is the Chronic of Ignatia?

  • Urwah Khan

    nat mur causticum

  • Sharon van Urk

    Thank you Nancy and Binod for your replies. I will try the remedies you suggested. My dogs have enjoyed a 90% raw diet – no grains for years but unfortunately still have the occasional health problem but in principal they’re really healthy – so thank you for your suggestions. I’m going to start today 🙂

  • Pepper Travell

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  • Amar Kumar

    Can any body explain the meaning of ” chronic of ignitia is Nat Mur ” ?????

  • Amar Kumar

    Can any body explain the term ” chronic of igitia is NAT MUR ” ??????

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    You are Invited to join the Group ” FREE HOMOEOPATHIC ADVICE by Binod Kumar “.

  • MuhammadAsghar

    Alumina is the chronic of ignatia
    Ignatia itself is the chronic of Nat. mure

  • Rachel Salter

    Of course it is – hahaha lol


    The Chronic of Ignatia is NAtrum muriaticum!!! 🙂

  • Pepper Travell

    I’ve noticed that Ignatia is also very good for ADD, ODD, ADHD and OCD. I hadn’t realized that a person can have such a deep layer of Ignatia that it amounts almost to a chronic layer. Nowadays with so much scary news keeping us on edge all the time, I’m sure we’ll be seeing much more of this.

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  • Μαρία Γιαλαμούδη

    I totaly agree with Daskalaki Evelin…

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    (Bows to Sudarshanji,) thank you so much for the kind remark.

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  • Gillian Anne Harris

    I am given this for digestive problems.

  • Jocelyn McTavish

    Why am I not seeing the article?

  • Nancy Vlcek

    May be her food. Try a grain free, no corn or other fillers. Make sure first ingredients are a meat protein, not a by-product, meal or Orijen / Acana or Fromm have worked the best for my dogs. Remedy wise, try Silicea or hepar s., also Pulsatilla. Hope this helps. Can just place remedy in their water source – either ceramic, glass or plastic – not metal bowls.

  • Nansee Ananda

    THANKYOU for this info

  • Chammika Fermamdo

    Ignatia mother tinture help for make miscarrhiage

  • Chammika Fermamdo

    Major remady for hystiria

  • Janey Benson

    does it have lung disease as a chronic?

  • Daskalaki Evelin

    Does Ignatia allow the individual to enjoy life afterwards? If it does, then it has been a well chosen remedy. But if, as Kent says, the condition occurs again and again and threatens to become chronic, then Natrum mur, the so-called chronic of Ignatia will often finish the cure

  • Sharon van Urk

    The other day you wrote of Euphrasia for pink eye. I have a dog whose eyes weep daily, this then hardens into a dark crust at the inner corner of her eye. Her eyes also appear to have a milky appearance and have done for years. Can you recommend a remedy?

  • Pepper Travell

    Nat mur. The chronic of Nat mur is Causticum, which is also the chronic of Staphysagria.

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    Test must be confidential, but here it is open to all

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    Its to test knowledge we gather

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    What’s d chronic of Spigelia???

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