HYPERICUM is the main remedy for spinal injuries. It may be given when there is a past spinal injury.
Dr. Foubister




  1. New here… It don’t say where to get it or how much. There’s really no info?

  2. Many years ago my cat received a very severe injury to her tail right at the base. Tail was just hanging and she had no use of it. The vet said she wanted to amputate. I said NO, of course and started to treat with Hyp. I started with a 30C hourly and saw some slight response so over about a week’s time I went up rapidly to a Hyp 10M. It was a miracle and the cat got full use of her tail back. The vet was blown away, of course.

  3. What is the remedy for low platelets. Normal is 150000 to 400000. But patient has 45000


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