HYPERICUM is the main remedy for spinal injuries. It may be given when there is a past spinal injury.
Dr. Foubister

  • Nita Vance

    New here… It don’t say where to get it or how much. There’s really no info?

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  • Susann Laverie

    Many years ago my cat received a very severe injury to her tail right at the base. Tail was just hanging and she had no use of it. The vet said she wanted to amputate. I said NO, of course and started to treat with Hyp. I started with a 30C hourly and saw some slight response so over about a week’s time I went up rapidly to a Hyp 10M. It was a miracle and the cat got full use of her tail back. The vet was blown away, of course.

  • A Kamran Shah

    What is the remedy for low platelets. Normal is 150000 to 400000. But patient has 45000

  • Rakhi Triyar

    injury for nerves,corns,,Sitica ,especially for nail injury

  • Punithavathy Ramakrishnan

    What do you give for ligament inkury

  • Nittur Guruprasad

    yes. Very strong remedy in injuries especially on nerves

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    What is homp. Remedy for scolios.

  • Krystal Crawford

    Mainly spinal and nerve

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    Good clinical tip. Thanks

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    Thank you so muchU0001f44d

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    and also after spinal surgery

  • Anjum Hanif

    colocynth, causticum could be used..

  • Mudassir Younus Ali

    symphytum is chief remedy

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    Great relief for sciatic pain!!

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    Also neuralgia without injury….

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    thanks sir g

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    Symphytum also help

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    Very helpful post, thanks

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    And Nat sulph