How to know if your relationship is getting serious


When you enroll in a new relationship, usually you’re feeling euphoria and enthusiasm, but rarely think how it will work out in the future. There comes a point, though, when you inevitably begin wondering if this is what you’ve been looking for.
So how do you know if your relationship is getting serious? Here are some signs by which it can be determined.

You’ve met their family
It can be rightfully considered to be one of the most definite signs of the seriousness of your relationships. Plus, you’re hanging out with the whole family and maybe have your own friendship with brothers/sisters. If you feel like a part of the family already, these relationships are going to last for a long time.

You share everything
You’ve exchanged house keys and driving each other’s cars. You know your partner’s passwords and pin numbers and vice versa. All the private details and plenty of embarrassing stories from the past are no longer a secret. More than that, you also know about each other’s past relationships and sex partners and are cool with it.

You are making plans together
You touch on the themes such as marriage, the number of hypothetical kids, buying a house and a pet. And these kinds of conversations don’t scare you at all. Even more, you can actually imagine having all this with your current partner. And you feel that this person is an ideal fit in your life and your family.

You have the same circle of friends
Remember when both of you had different friend circles and constantly surfed between the two of them? Now, when your relationships have reached the next level, somehow you started to spend time with the same people. Your partner’s friends add you on social networks. You consider them as your own friends already and don’t associate so much with your partner.

You discuss serious topics
There are no taboos in your conversations now. You can easily discuss intimate health issues and not be ashamed of them in front of your partner. You share your fears with each other and plans for the future. Deep serious conversations are a sure sign of meaningful relationships.

You spend vacation together
Going somewhere together is a huge step. If you can’t imagine going on vacation without your partner, it already says a lot. It is a sort of test for your relationships. You learn to find compromises and yield sometimes. Generally, if two people after spending two weeks side by side can still tolerate each other, then for sure they can make lifelong plans.

You feel comfortable being yourself
You don’t have to pretend to be someone else in order to be loved. All the boundaries are erased now. Silence is no longer awkward. Your partner is aware of your flaws, and you don’t hide them anyway because now it doesn’t matter anymore. You feel completely comfortable in each other’s company.
Now, if you have recognised at least half of these signs, be sure that your relationships are if not serious right now, then are really close to becoming such. Now it’s your turn to decide how you want to continue the scenario. These tips were borrowed from Romancecompass.




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