Homeopathy Works!

Homeopathy works

Here is another story on how Homeopathy has helped a family. Submitted by our fan Lindsay Brotzman Success story!!

My 4-mo old baby is exclusively breastfed and for a few weeks now has gradually been pooping less and less. he’s become more gassy, and the gas is noxious. we joke that if he toots in the dark, we’ll be able to find him because he’ll be surrounded by a glowing green gas cloud this afternoon i gave him a dose of mag phos 30c… within 10 minutes, his diaper was full.

Happy baby, Happy mama! My only regret is not knowing this before… my other three had poop issues as well, and we might have been able to solve them, had i known more about homeopathy.




  1. really,our md says med hasnt come much further than drilling a hole in the head for a headache.gotta love honest docs.lots of guess work n your the guinea pig

  2. My daughter is 3yr old and recently diagnosed as diabetic pls tell me medicine for her .at present we r giving her insulin 3times

  3. It’s a good thing our doctors and scientists have evolved past this rudimentary way of thinking.

  4. once you have seen it work it is superior to any manufactured paper someone can stick under my nose.


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