Homeopathy Works for Allergies

case study

Just last week I myself was again astounded by the efficacy of homeopathy,a lady phoned me in a panic saying that she was having an allergic reaction to something,she broke out all over her body in a red hot flaming rash,that was itching and burning, it was on the arms legs, trunk and face even her scalp,she also had hart palpitations and a sensation of pins and needles in her skin and throat.She did not know what could cause the reaction as she did not eat or drink anything, she was busy in her kitchen when the reaction started. To make a long story short she arrived at my practice in 10 min.

I immediately gave her 5 pills with a mixture of Aconite, Belladonna and Apis mel in 30C and 200C within 5 min the reaction was subsiding, I repeated the dose of 5 pills again and waited another 5 min, the reaction was now calming down and the redness of the rash disappearing, the warmness in the skin was almost back to normal at 15 min I gave her a final dose of 5 pills and before 20 min she was walking out of my office smiling like she won the Lotto.

The reaction was over and she was as happy as can be ! If homeopathy was only a placebo I don’t think this would have been possible she did not even know what I gave her !





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