It would be well for him to remember the fate of an Allopathic doctor in the State of New York who denounced a young Homeopath located in his neighborhood as a quack.

He was brought before a court of justice on the charge of insult and abuse. The case turned upon the definition of quack, and the applicability of that definition to the plaintiff. The quack is an ignorant pretender to knowledge.

The young Homeopath produced his certificates and diplomas, proving that he had received a good classical and medical education. A quack is a
boastful advertiser of his own merits aud capabilities. The young doctor had announced his business in a modest and unpretending manner. The quack is a vender of secret medicines and nostrums. The plaintiff secreted nothing, deceived nobody. He invited investigation, and was ever ready to explain his system and his measures to those who wanted information.

The definition was exhausted: it did not fit the case; the Allopath was guilty of insult and abuse. The judge imposed a
heavy fine upon him and administered a severe and well merited rebuke.

Reference: THE Truth About Homoeopathy. BY DR. HOLCOMBE.




  1. The original spelling Hom-oe-opathy is commonly used in Europe and comes from the German o-Umlaut (the o with the two horizontal dots on top)… In N-A the Umlaut got dropped and the spelling simplified to Hom-e-opathy…

  2. I was seeing a homeopath several years ago and my primary doctor flipped her lid. She asked his name, looked him up in front of me and started bashing him like their was no tomorrow. I immediately dropped her. As for the homeopath I would go back to him in a heartbeat if we lived close enough. I truly do

  3. Start study pathalogy physiology study hard work and prove urs self by real homoeopath

  4. either or either…many pronouncements depending how you say it…what ever…Zulkifl D-fined. !!!???


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