Homeopathy Nelly Furtado

Singer Nelly Furtado travels all over the world regularly and swears by a homeopathic remedy for easing jet lag.

  • Rudr Vyas

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  • Aditya Mishra

    I am also like homoeopsthy

  • Maureen R. Reagan

    STOP MISUSING APOSTROPHES!!! Stop misusing damn apostrophes. An apostrophe indicates possession or a contraction, neither of which applies in this case.

  • Bharat Bhushan Sharma

    I also love homoeopathy

  • Claudine Tsintzira

    Ambassadrice pourquoi pas si cela peut entrainer d autres personnalités vers cette merveilleuse et authentique medecine et repandre la bonne parole !

  • Kindra Berglin

    Viv Jenkins, me or him?

  • Viv Jenkins

    Someone got out of the wrong side of the bed !! .

  • Kindra Berglin

    Didn’t answer the question. Just a snotty response.
    I’m just asking what makes one person an ambassador over another? I’ve been a certified aromatherapist for many years; does that make me an ambassador?

  • Satyendra Nath Tripathi

    I love homoeopathy .

  • Nicholas O’Connor

    Well obviously she has had, like many others, very positive experience of Homeopathy.

  • Kindra Berglin

    Excuse me, how or why is she an Ambassador!