Homeopathy for Sports Injuries

For sports that strain the back, Rowing and weightlifting, Rhus works!

Over lifting and straining your lower back

  • Surender Reddy Konuganti

    When pain due to sports injury or pain in joints,blowback first line of remedies are rhus tox, bryonia, ruta, arnica

  • Arif Jan

    Ruta is best

  • Meenakshi Roy

    Does homeopathy have a remedy for dogs suffering from kennel cough ?

  • Vaibhav Yadav

    no. 1). silicea 2). nitric acid 3). berberis 4). sulphur

  • Malik Abdul


  • Madhavi Krishna

    It is also a good remedy for styes.

  • Pamela Joynt

    Traumeel for sports injuries It is a Heel product and contains Arnica and other Homoepathic products

  • Rahmoth Colby

    Too much weight can cause an ailment where the bigtoe skin grows too much . acts like an ingrown but is much different.

  • Arunava Goswami

    we treat more successfully in case of sports injury

  • Jagminder Chopra

    Can it useful in hand joint pain when I woke in morning

  • Zarmina Shahid

    It is also used when body ache due to getting wet in rain an when walking it ammiliorate and when laying on bed it aggravated…

  • Ram Yadav

    arnica = sports injury tired due to physical hard works ageing pain /// symptoms: all type pain when bleeding do not occur

  • Awadhesh Kumar Gupta

    Really rushtox gives Good response

  • Thank you for sharing.

  • Birndra Kumar

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  • Daisy Knight

    Pre and post surgery miracles with Arnica….First hand testimony

  • Bruce Ledger

    I left allopathic medicine behind 30 years ago. I self-medicate with homeopathic, naturopathic and alternative healing. I have only visited a medical doctor once in the last 30 years. I turn 70 in a few weeks, and am as fit as a fiddle. I still work a full day, and I don’t take any meds at all. NONE. And in this world of pill-pushing, that makes me a freak. I’d rather be healthy freak than an over-medicated sick old man.

  • Pamela Joynt

    Traumeel which is a Heel product

  • Ashok Kumar Mehan

    No substitute of HOMEOPATHY

  • Sambhu Nath Paul


  • Biswajit Sengupta

    First arnica then hypericum next rhustox

  • Miranda Meere

    Arnica first than RhusT
    Hypericum only with nerve damage