Homeopathy for Rheumatism inDogs

Homeopathic for rheumatism

Shortly before the hunting season commenced Mr. Broxter- main inquired of me whether I knew of a Homoeopathic veterinarian. I knew of none and on inquiry was told that in the fall of the preceding year his setter, flushed from hunting, swam a very cold river (the Pader) and shortly after became lame and remained so ever since, although, under treatment of Allopathic veterinarians, he would therefore, be useless for the approaching hunting season. The dog seemed to be worse when trying

The dog seemed to be worse when trying to get up from his bed. He would yelp and howl for pain and turn and twist pitifully till he gained his legs. The small of the back must be lamed for he waddles when walking, especially at first, and, when trying to rise, his hind legs for a time drag on the floor.

As no one seemed to be able to help him he would have been shot but for his being such an excellent hunter. As a last resort Homoeopathy was to be tried. You will not rue it, I said, for if everything is as you report I can give you a remedy which will relieve your dog in a short time. I gave him Rhus tox. 2d potency, a few pellets to be given morning and evening, dry on the tongue. About a week after a fine setter trotted past me and a hundred yards behind him I encountered Mr, B., on inquiry I learned that the dog I passed was his.

The little pellets worked like magic, after four or five days a decided amelioration was noted, although in the present cold rainy weather aggravation was expected, but the little globules were used up. I gave him Rhus Tox. 1, to be given every day, ssince four weeks the dog had been used in hunting and was as well as ever. — From Bolle s Pop.

A case from the Homeopathic Recorder




  1. this was first remedy I ever used on my first shepherd, was so successful, it put me on the path to study and use homeopathy for the last 25 yrs!


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