Homeopathy for Hangovers

Homeopathy for hangovers

After drinking too much in the evening, sometimes after a few glasses of wine, we feel unwell, heavy, and stupid in the morning; the face is pale and haggard; the eyes are pained by the light; the mouth is parched and rough; with nausea, pains in the pit of the stomach, hoarseness, heat in the hands and soreness in the limbs, as if sprained, we become weak, sleepy, chilly, languid, cross and passionate; some times there is bleeding of the nose, or cramp in the stomach, Give Carb. veg. or Nux vom.

If a headache is violent, with pressure over the eyes, or better in the air, take Carb veg.

If the pain is severe, and on one side only; worse when walking, at every motion, in the open air; from thinking and stooping, take Nux vom.

If only nausea, Carb veg.;

If there is an inclination to vomit, and retching, Nux vom.

If the stool is thin and pale, Carb veg. If there is none or much pressing, and forcing, with slimy purging, Nux vom.

If there is much giddiness; red eyes, with matter in the corners, great sensitiveness to the light, or dry, small cough, take Nux vom.

Reference: C. Hering’s Domestic Physician