Homeopathy for Fatigue

Homeopathy for Fatigue

ARSENICUM is the remedy for debility resulting from overtaxing of the muscular tissues, such as prolonged exertion, climbing mountains.
Dr Farrington.




  1. I’ve been treated with homeopathic remedies by extremely brilliant homeopaths who know what they are doing and I have been cured of all my ailments Homeopathy is not something you take a remedy for it is refined as in eg: 3-5 tabs of this remedy every 4 nights before bedtime no food for half an hr then this remedy every morning before breakfast then another remedy only every 12 days at night then this one every Wednesday before breakfast etc etc sometimes the homeopath will give you 6 different remedies with varying strengths but these remedies need to be taken at different times maybe 2 together or all seperately Homeopsthy is a very refined science and taken correctly DOES work it’s a bit of a juggle in taking these remedies and remembering times and which remedy to take but when done correctly and there are loads of homeopaths out there that don’t prescribe in the refined way its meant to be that lose people’s faith just get a homeopath who knows how to prescribe properly and u won’t look back!

  2. I think your trust not complete on homoeopathic and with in the same time you using both homoeopathic And Allopathic medicine for that reason it’s not effective.


  4. I am not saying that it didnt work for all…. but it didnt work for me simple is that

  5. I have gone to diffrent honeopath. Atleast 4 to 5 bt none helped me . I have used whatever theybtold but it simply didnt work

  6. Noman Ali like any practicioner, machanic , doctor, osteopath etc etc there are brilliant, good , mediocre and useless why do you think it is the fault of Homeopathy….maybe you went to a poor one, or one you could not really communicate with!

  7. Lona Neezamee i have used under the prescription of a homeopath. But it didnt work. I have atleast 30 symptoms bt none of my symptoms imroved

  8. whether something works or does not work is NOT a function of faith, but rather is demonstrated with clinical data: the efficacy of any “drug” whether “homeopathic” or mainstream is still subject to the laws of physics and chemistry… any so called “proof” outside of double blind randomized studies is not worth even reading… it is not “proof” in any stretch of the imagination…

  9. Homoepaths are very close to God and most intelligent and of course gentlemen They would never degrade themselves by using filthy language or waste their time on idiots

  10. If u think urself as a doctor & took medicine by urself without having. Any knowledge Abt Homeopathy then surely it will not gonna work. Noman Ali


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