Homeopathy for Bruises

Homeopathy for Bruises

In the treatment of bruises, nothing is more efficacious than Arnica.

  • Harry Singh

    Any medicine for prostate low stream flow

  • Mohammed Salman Aljorani

    im adore homeopathy

  • Elsje Winnubst

    The ambassador for homeopathy. I’ve had wondrous results for practically any part of the body, used it against all odds and used it as a constitutional successfully!

  • Geeta Dash

    Very good for pain

  • Pamela Joynt

    It is good for virtually every complaint

  • Chevli Sunil

    carboveg too prevent heart attacks.

  • Pamela Joynt

    Arnica can save lives eg strokes and heart attacks Never be without it

  • Kathryn Blanchette

    Arnica is great for so many things but brusing is a good indicator that Arnica is the right remedy.