Homeopathy Constipation

NATRUM MUR effects a radical cure of constipation when many boasted and popular remedies fail.
Dr. Heselton




  1. Nat Mur (Often 30C q.i.d.) has a very good effect on diseases related to blood toxin (itching, skin rashes etc.), often induced by the salt retention side effect of allopathic medicines viz., Ibuprofen etc. Nat Mur removes the salt content from the serum and thus purifies the blood. This remedy is tried tested and proved one by me.

  2. I was unaware that there was a special kind of headache for schoolgirls. To say so borders on sexism.

  3. Here the constitutional remedy is must to effect cure. It is generally psoraic.

  4. Nat mur is the best remedy for anaemic / headache of school girls/sneezing with stopage of nose/falling of hair/constipation


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