Homeopathy and space travel

As we embark into the 21st century, space travel has become more and more of a reality.The need to survive in a micro-gravity environment with limited food resources, water and oxygen have lead to a new era in space in-habitation, survival and creating means to develop new methods to survive an altogether hostile environment.

As humans our bodies are designed in an environment with enough food, water and oxygen. However scarcity of these , a zero gravity and presence of space dust is apt to affect the body in some way or another. Experiments conducted by NASA space agency clearly points to the fact that there occurs biochemical changes in the human body, GIT mobility and absorption of nutrients, muscle loss and other physiological effects when astronauts travel and live in space for long time periods.
Thus if humans do experience changes in bodily reactions in space, they are ought to develop some dis-eased condition in their bodies, that can lead to appearance of some new forms of diseases related to micro- gravity atmosphere, long radiation exposure in space, lunar dust etc.
Homoeopathy follows a simple but profound principle of “Similia Similibus Curantur” i.e like cures like, so it is but obvious that if we are able to discern the causative factors that can lead to change in human body in space, we can use the raw materials available in space to actually prepare homoeopathic dilutions ( lunar dust) and try to prove it homoeopathically; DRUG Proving as is commonly known.

Also homoeopathic medicines like pulsatilla, bryonia, sulphur etc. can be used on same principals, however their effects at molecular level needs to be studied in space environment.

Thus like any field of medicine, homoeopathy can play a pivotal role in future for the treatment of diseased states of humans in an otherwise hostile extraterrestial environment.





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