That’s quite a ‘case’ !

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A growing interest in human physiology as well as human behaviour ensured that I chose a field that dealt with both. As a Homeopath, I deal with cases with a wide range of pathology and symptomatology. My areas of interest are chronic diseases, female and child healthcare and lifestyle related ailments.
  • Atul Dave

    Daily problem
    Any remidies

  • Elsje Winnubst

    The trick is to sound as if you are inquiring about the weather.U0001f611

  • Issy J White

    It sure is a fine art!

  • Arun Patel

    Asking uncomfortable questions – To make COMFORTABLE.

  • Das Samaita

    Ohh really asking all dos uncomfortable personal question lol

  • Mary Best

    Hah – so true, but so important!