Homeopathic treatment’s antidotes.


PHILOSOPHY: Homeopathic treatment’s antidotes.
When the level of health goes down, loosing its balance by
stress it is and more faster will be affected by any
chemical substance that can interfiere with the remedy, and the
patient will be affected mental, emocional and physical.
The factors that will influence the body antidoting an homeopatic
remedy are:
1. Chemical drugs and vaccines
alopathic drugs, prednisona, cortisona, psicotriipic drugs,
analgesics, anti-biotics, aspirin in case of Calcarea carbónica.
2. Reactional drugs: cocain, heroin, marihuana. Alcoholism.
3. Coffe- too much coffee alters the nervous system/
4. Mental stress or severe emotional stress, will constantly alter the
body balance.
5. Dental treatments, dental anesthesia, the stress of the person do to
that any teeth treatment is conected directly with the nervs.
6. Repetition of the wrong remedy. especially if the defence mechanism
is weak.
7. Other therapeutic treatments
8. Strong odors like, perfumes, paints, canphor, mentho, will only occur
in very sensible persons, and specially seen in Nat.-mur when takes mint.
9. Other factors, like cuicunstances that can interfere
1. exposition of the remedy to the sun
2. exposition to extreme cold or hot wheather.
3. Exposition of the remedy to weat wheather
4. exposition of the remedy to strong odors,
may inactivate the remedy , and confuse the doctor till he is aware.
Beatriz H Hill, Medicina Medicina Homeopática Behhill 9-07-2011
THE experience of Dr. George Vithoulkas.




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