Homeopathic remedy for Fright

Homeopathy for fright

“If a pregnant woman has a fright, and the fear remains, and she cannot seem to get over it, she must take Aconite at once.”

  • Jawaid Rajput

    causticum 200,
    10 drops 3 time in a day, and please investigate about prostate size and weight, then tell me

  • Baldev Singh

    Thanks what power and dose

  • Mis Anthrop

    there is no one for frequent urination in rubric

  • Dinesh Sharma

    Dear Kartik ji I have seen most of your tips on facebook page ,Thanks for these tips ,I want to know about homeopathic remedy for closed places like elevators,tunnels, crowded areas or stoppage of metro in underpass tunnel ,I will be grateful if you provide tips for that ,Thanks !

  • Baldev Singh

    Any remedy for over activeblader urination many times

  • Tapan Das

    potency depend on susceptibility or sensibility of the patient. in case of chronicity higher potency to be applicable. sulphur is chronic of aconite.

  • Winston Chirambo

    Acon c 30

  • Sankar Datta Gupta Gupta

    Thanks for prescription but what is power or dose.