Homeopathic Remedies for Stomach Pain

An exhaustive study on the homeopathic remedies for Stomach ache, Gastritis.

2. Hippomanes.

Icy coldness in stomach ; desire for acids and aversion to sweet things ; sensation of emptiness in stomach and head,

Hydrastis canadensis.

Faintness at the stomach ; sinking, gone feeling, with violent palpitations of the heart ; great acidity; constipation.

Iris versicolor.

Spasm of the pharynx while swallowing food ; salivation ; excessive nausea and retching ; eructations of much taste- less gas, and burning in the region of the fauces ; great burning dis- tress in the epigastrium; vomiting of sour fluid; everything sours easily in his stomach ; diarrhoea, with burning in anus and rectum after stool.


After partial relief by pulsatilla. Symptoms : Painful pressure as from a stone, especially after eating or at night, in the region of the pylorus ; or sensation of weakness or emptiness in the pit of the stomach, with sensitiveness to contact, and burning in the stomach; hiccough; regurgitation of the ingesta ; aversion to food and drink, or to tobacco ; accumulation of mucus in the mouth, etc. ; suitable to persons who had been starving either from want or other causes.

Kali bichromicum.

Organic cardialgia ; eructations ; nausea like sea- sickness ; sensation of fullness ; heaviness ; malaise after a meal ; chilliness ; inflation ; gnawing, burning, constricting pain in stomach and hypochondria, aggravated in the morning and during motion, better by eating.


Malignant induration, fungus, and ulcers of the stomach ; painless gastromalacia ; pressing, gnawing, ulcerative pain in stomach with haematemesis ; painful hard spot at or to the left of the stomach ; tension over stomach and scrobiculum ; tight clothing is unbearable,


Aching pains, which diminish immediately after a meal, but recommence again in a few hours, and are particularly’ violent after a siesta ; dyspeptic weakness, flatulence, and constipation.


Constant distress in the lower part of the epigastrium and upper portions of the umbilical regions; sharp cutting pains at intervals in the same i)arts ; burning aching sensation in the stomach, aggravated by drinking cold water; weak sinking sensation in the pit of the stomach ; great desire for stool, that cannot be retained one moment.

Lobelia inflata.

Nausea, pain, heat, oppression, and excessive uneasiness ; extreme nausea, with profuse perspiration ; feeling of weakness of the stomach, extending through the whole chest ; feeling of pressure in the pit of the stomach, as from a plug ; violent painful constriction in the cardia ; tightness of the epigastrium, with acidity of the stomach.


Gnawing griping in the region of the stomach ; compressive pain, as if the stomach were pressed together from both sides ; flatulence, immediately after a meal ; the stomach is full, bloated, distended ; tension, as from a cord marking the diaphragmatic attachments ; he cannot stretch nor stand upright; abdominal phlethora ; full and bloated stomach, acidity, pyrosis; the pains radiate, according to the flatulency, to the chest, the back, upward to the oesophagus, downward to the umbilicus and abdomen.

Magnesia Carbonica.

Aching and contractive pain, with sour eructations ; ulcerative pain in the stomach, with great sensitiveness to pressure.

Natrum muriaticum.

Pressing, constricting, stitching, burning pains, setting in one or two hours after eating; cramp in stomach ; better from tightening the clothes ; clawing in the pit of the stomach ; water- brash ; heartburn with palpitations.

Nitri Spiritus Dulcis

Aching contractive pain from eating too much salt; fullness in stomach after a meal, with sour or slimy vomiting; loss of appetite; heartburn; acidity.

Nux moschata.

Atony of digestion ; gastric catarrh with flatulent swelling, voraciousness” or loss of appetite; twisting pains below the stomach, as from colic ; severe pain in the praecordia, with vomiting ; wants to eat after taking a meal, but feels uncomfortable and tired ; scratching eructations as from rancid oil ; irritation of stomach from overtaxed mental powers ; weak digestion, especially in the aged.

Nux vom.

Neurotic and congestive gastralgia ; a light pressure increases the pain, but harder pressure relieves ; bending forward gives, therefore, immediate relief; vomiting relieves, so that the paroxysm of pain ceases for the time being ; burning in the stomach at the pylorus ; clawing-cramping pain in the stomach, with pressure and tension between the scapule ; pains extend to chest or down the back to the anus, with urging to stool ; pressure in epigastrium as from a stone ; the pressure of the clothes on epigastrium feels painful ; pains worse after a meal, from taking coffee, at night, towards morning, or after rising ; sensation as if a band were tied around the chest, with pain extending to the back and kidneys, attended with nausea, water in the mouth, heartburn, and even vomiting of the ingesta ; sour or foul taste in the mouth, flatulency in abdomen, hemicrania, palpitations.

Nitric acid.

Vascular and organic cardialgia; erosions and ulcers of the stomach ; spinal irritation ; burning, gnawing, stitching pains; sensitive to pressure and motion ; eating eases, but soon produces again pain and feeling of satiety; heartburn ; sour alleviating eructations; distension of the abdomen, preventing breathing; pulsations in differeny parts of the body ; pain in cardiac orifice on swallowing food.


Gastralgia, with pressing drawing pains, better from eating ; sensation of emptiness and weakness of the stomach ; w’atei’- brash ; feeling of fulness in the pit of stomach, which is painful to the touch ; aversion to open air; don’t like to move.


Oppression of chest, coming from the stomach ; worse after eating ; palpitation ; belching of large quantities of wind after eating; great drowsiness after eating; variable appetite; sensation of great weakness in the abdomen, particularly across and below the umbilicus ; burning and gnawing pain in a circumscribed spot of the stomach, sensitive to the least pressure, extending to the back, aggravated by motion after a meal, ameliorated by ice, external cold and rest ; vomiting immediately after eating, so that all the food is brought up, or pure blood, or bloody, brown masses ; great thirst, but drinking increases the pain ; stool scanty, dry, and difficult of evacuation. Emaciation, ana?niia, collapse.


Sensation as though the abdomen and back are one; violent pressure in the stomach, and pain in the back, at times better bending backward, at others bending forward; hard pressure relieves.


Sensation as if a stone lay on the epigastrium ; throbbing perceptible to the head, in the epigastrium ; contracting sensation in the oesophagus, as if one had swallowed too large a morsel of food; the same sensation over the hypochondria, then upwards over the chest and impedes respiration; pressure in pit of stomach, after every meal, with vomiting; stitching pains, worse when walking or making a misstep; crampy pains before breakfast and after a meal; gnawing distress when stomach is empty ; pressure and pinching after eating ; absence of thirst, except at the acme of the pain.


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