An exhaustive study of homeopathic remedies for Eczema


Eczema on the nose and face. Thick scabs on the face. Scabby eruption on the nose and face, like milk crust. The Child cries a great deal and is extremely restless.


Humid eruption in the flexures of the joints and behind the cars. Dry, offensive eruptions on the vertex and back of the head. Itching of the skin changing to burning when scratched. Eruption in rings during pregnancy and nursing. In dark complexioned people.


Eczema on the arms and scalp. Humid eruption with greenish putrid discharge. Dry, scaly crusts. Scabs behind the ears. Itching during the day and evening, never at night. Cervical glands swollen. Offensive perspiration on the feet and genitals.

Stannum metallicum

Eczema on the extremities. Left side specially affected. Painful hang-nails. Neuralgic pains. Disordered digestion. Helminthiasis. Patient lachrymose, low-spirited and irritable. Eczema, upon the nails. Phthisical subjects.


Eczema on the head and behind the ears. Eczema of the feet. Yellow, acrid, offensive moisture oozes from under the crusts. Burning and itching ; scratching sometimes changes the locality of the itching. Oozing after scratching. Scalp painfully sensitive. Itching of the margins of the lids. Painful swelling of the glands. Cross words injure feelings.


Eczema around the margin of the hairy scalp Irom ear to ear posteriorly. Crusts easily bleeding burning and painful surface. Voluptuous itching with soreness after scratching. Genitals, legs and bends of the extremities specially affected. Patient takes cold easily,

  • JP Lesley

    yes i have been thinking that which made me confused for a sec.

  • Maria Del Socorro Ballinas

    Muy de acuerdo es una psoriasis

  • Bilal Khan

    Poranum sulfur syphilin becillen thuja grifites mazerum etc

  • Madhavi Krishna

    You can also try with Arnica and Hypericum both in 200 potencies tighten your loose teeth.

  • Saira Hashmi

    there are many diffrnt types of eczema.atopic dermatitis is a form of eczema related to the same immune reaction….

  • Humayera Shahid

    That is dry crustty and itching

  • Humayera Shahid

    Mention me t medicine of dry eczyma all corner parts like finger palm wrist leg

  • Baul Malay Baul

    Use to Cituta v

  • DrSuzauddin Chowdhury

    Bending part of Eczema petroleum 30.

  • Anas Noor

    Calcarea Flour and Hecla Lava

  • Darshan Kauldhar

    History of the case w’d suggest! I’ll begin with torrent hisp 30, Inshallah, it should bring out the mischief! Don’t fear at that stage but take Ars 30 powder if restlessness follows then. Hope it w’d complete the case. Not to discontinue Ars midway! I w’d clap and celebrate recovery if u ring back or mail the news! It may take up to 6 months time; Ok?

  • Mehak Naz

    Anti soratic nd sephlitc remdy sulper. Mezerium.

  • Safia Nusrat

    Recommended by Dr Anas Noor

  • Chris Brancewicz

    what would you recommend for loose teeth?

  • Anas Noor

    Rhus Tox
    Sulphur Iodatum

  • Beena Chhatpar

    General acute eczema can cure with Petroleum 30 …..Important Point the cause of eczema.

  • Seemi Chowdhury

    I found whenever I treat cancer patients some kind of skin prob must comes out.

  • Carolyn Lupton

    Barry Lupton worth a read…

  • Joanna Kokkinidou

    Not straumonium? ?

  • Jean-Yves Henry

    The picture is one of a psoriasic dermatitis not an eczema !

  • Farhat Ghazala

    Dry rough with itching graphite.

  • Bie Haroon

    Excema black in colour

  • Bie Haroon

    What medicine for excema at the back of head in d hair n neck (back)