What comes to mind when you think of Hepar Sulphuris?

  • AnjuKhare

    Sir pl tell what to take for minor thalesimia

  • Lelette MagSan

    Heparin and sulphuric acid, anti clotting m

  • Mercy Mathew

    The onset of winter

  • Radhakrishnan N Nrk

    Eruptions glandular swellings

  • Marlene Bracks

    Paprika in your cooking unless you have a case.

  • Nirmal Tanwar

    Heeling agent of cough and injuries.

  • Ness Puma

    Can you please concentrate in finding a treatment for zika issues,and forget about the rest,thank you

  • Prasad IV

    chronic bronchitis with cough as main symptom…..

  • Abdul Waheed

    Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum or Hahnemann’s Calcium Sulphide has the charactericitics of Bella Dona, Silicea and Chamomilla. “Dr.Abdul Waheed Chaudhary.”

  • Victoria Drofdoow

    Cross and chilly

  • Victoria Drofdoow

    Fishbone in the throat sensation, pain extends to ears

  • Renee West

    abscess, infection. Calc-sulp is a deeper hepar.

  • Abeeha Ali

    over sensitive body and mind.. skin infections …

  • DrNidhi Sharma Dixit

    Aborts pus formation in higher potency

  • Mudassir Younus Ali

    basically herbs have multi dimensional properties, all are anti inflammatories in first place , so they act different constitutions differently , a herb can be best remedy for 100 s of dis eases at the same time , all experience different cures then give their testimonals

  • Mudassir Younus Ali

    throat pain master

  • Krystal Crawford

    abscess, smelly pus.

  • Lily Beans

    Pain , heat, swollen…this medicine saved my life!

  • Kartar Singh

    Cannot tolerate sufferings any longer. May stab someone else with knife or put the things on fire.else or put things on fire.

  • Shahid Perwaiz

    What will be your comment.

  • Kaukab Zai

    Pus, pustules etc

  • Krishna Agrawal

    Good for urt n lrt both …

  • Nirmala Bhatnagar

    Suppuration n feeling cold

  • Anamika Shahi

    Good for breathing problem.

  • JaswantDr

    ilovehomeopathy A great surrogate antibiotic without side effects

  • Jignesh Pandya

    Remove tendency of suppuration…

  • Bishnu Prasada Mishra

    best remedy is oppression