Help find a remedy for Grandma

Quiz time

” Dr , my grandmother of 80 years, has suffered a fracture of the right upperlimb bone, the humerus, in a fall at home.

The orthopaedic surgeon has ruled out surgical intervention to bring the fractured ends in line, the 2 broken pieces are overlapping , are not apposed. He just put a plaster all over her front and upper back and the right shoulder and limb, for 6 weeks.
He says because she has brittle bones at this age-osteoporosis, don’t expect the bones to unite. Now , it has been 2 weeks since the plaster has been done, I want you to give some remedy/remedies, over the next 4-6 weeks, so that the fractured ends unite.”
Not exactly an acute, but can we rescue the grandma?




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