Heather – The Identity Flower


Heather – The Identity Flower (Calluna Vulgaris)

From Needy Child to Understanding Adult

 “Those who are always seeking companionship of anyone who may be available as they find it necessary to discuss their own affairs with others, no matter whom it may be. They are very unhappy if left alone for any length of time.” – Edward Bach

Positive qualities:

  • Inner tranquility
  • Emotional self sufficiency


Common patterns of imbalance:

  • Over talkative
  • Self-absorbed
  • Over-concerned with one’s own problems

Homeopathics that compliment:

  • Lachesis
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Jamie Streett
Energist Jamie Streett- CiHom;CFEP of Energist.net is a Homeopath (CiHom), Flower Essence Practitioner (CFEP), & an Emotions Expert; who specializes in assisting people and pets who suffer illness as a result of being imbalanced energetically/emotionally. While Jamie takes on all clients, she is well versed in Lyme Disease & co after her husband nearly died from it; & Her personal specialty is in rebalancing the Energy/Emotional body that has been imbalanced from chronic stress. Specifically- overwhelm, hormone imbalances, depression, anxiety, panic attacks and phobias. Jamie sees clients "virtually" worldwide and is now accepting new clients.
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