Prerequisites to success in the healing art.

Healing art of Homeoapthy

The Hahnemannian Monthly

The Healing Art of Homeopathy

Our factious opponents seem to derive great amusement from the insignificant dose. Were it not for this perennial source of diversion, It is to be apprehended that they might soon relapse into a state of chronic hypochondria. But aside from some such personal grounds, their right to criticize our dose may be seriously questioned, especially since they are determined to remain profoundly ignorant of our peculiar made of selecting the
proper remedy.

Quality Versus Quantity.

The idea that some tremendous drug power is necessary to cure people of their various maladies, is a very foolish and ridiculous notion, for people often recover from sickness in spite of any and bad treatment. What is called the vis medicatrix naturae, is almost sufficient, as a general rule, to effect a spontaneous recovery, and when patients receive exactly the right remedy for the case, neither fearful drug-power, nor oceans in quantity,
are necessary to promote convalescence. Said a patient “Your medicine must have been very powerful to have affected me so promptly, and to have relieved me so thoroughly” the answer was, that the remedy was efficacious simply because of its elective affinity of the disease, and not at all on account of its power to overcome the vital forces.

Appropriate remedies, even if inappreciable in quantity, conduce to recovery, whereas, mere palliatives require the massive dose.





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