Headaches are probably the biggest source of income for the pharmaceutical companies, promising instant RELIEF for the headache, whatever type it is.
But Homeopathy has a CURE for the headache.

Remedy resonance of the remedies are discussed for a headache.

Argenticum nitricum: Headaches with coldness, trembling and feeling as though the head were enormously enlarged. Relieved by pressure. Headaches from emotional upset, fear.

Belladonna: Full, heavy, throbbing pain usually in the forehead or on the right side. The keynote is the throbbing pain together with flushed face and dilated pupils. Extremely sensitive to light. Better by light pressure.

Bryonia: As if the head would split open. The pain is aggravated by stooping and motion of any kind.Relief from lying absolutely still. Headaches that come first thing in the morning.

Cocculus: Pain in the back of the head extending to the nape of the neck. Giddiness and nausea. Headaches from riding in cars and trains. Worse on lying on the back of the head, or from mental effort.

Gelsemium: Dull heavy pains spreading from the back of the head often settling in the eyes with tight band sensation about the head. > by mental exertion, smoking, heat of the sun, and eyes strain.

Melilotus: Congestive and nervous headaches. Frontal headaches with nausea and vertigo, bloodshot eyes. An intense throbbing pain aggravated by motion. Relieved by cold application.

Natrum muriaticum: A feeling of a 1000 little hammers beating on your brains. Headache of anemic school girls. Pains brought on by worry, eye-strain, menstruation. Pain aggravated by warmth.

Nux vomica: Headache caused by excessive alcohol,from constipation, liver or digestive troubles. Giddiness on rising. Headaches in persons of sedentary occupation. Worse by stooping,coughing, mental exertion




  1. Symphytum 200C and
    Rhus Tox 30C taken at the same time. 2 times a day.

  2. Can someone suggest remedy for joint pain in both the leg joint ie starting of oestio arthritis with slight nagging pen in walking or when standing after sitting.

  3. Bryonia Is very good remedy in whooping cough ….when u suffering in obstinate type constipation and also bursting type headache bryonia also indicated in vecarious menses

  4. cocculous a good remedy in curing headache and nausea while making travel in train,bus and cars.


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