Headaches of an inflammatory nature, with bruising, pressing, stitching pains; congestive headaches, red face or blood-shot eyes; throbbing, beating headache, in the temples or over the eye; blind, sick headache, with vomiting of undigested food.
Scalp sore or tender to the touch; headaches from overheat or excessive cold. Alternate with the remedy indicated by the color of the tongue. All pains worse from motion.

  • Ranju Srivastava

    Anybody know about medicine for mysthenia gravis

  • Sankar Datta Gupta Gupta

    Really it is wonderful 1st giving medicine.

  • Seemi Chowdhury

    Ferr phos is a 1st aid remedy for so many diseases.in the case of high blood pressure, cardiac circulation it’s works are so powerful my those patients usually don’t take any allopathic medicines.